Changing the Way Teachers Teach: Integrating Technology Into The K-12 Social Studies Classroom

The North Carolina State Board of Education has among its strategic goals, the mission of producing 21st Century Professionals and Globally Competitive Students. In an effort to reflect the mission of North Carolina’s Future-Ready Schools for the 21st Century, the NC Department of Public Instruction’s K-12 Social Studies Section has designed a year-long professional development focused on integrating technology into the K-12 social studies classroom. The goals of this program are to raise student achievement in social studies and to build capacity for NC school districts in the areas of social studies content and technology instruction. By helping teachers integrate technology in a meaningful way that is content appropriate and tied to the NC Social Studies Standard Course of Study and local curricula, we believe these goals can be accomplished.

As the North Carolina Educational Technology Plan (2007-2009) suggests, “Technology is a tool that enables teachers and administrators to work more productively, offering solutions for time management, student monitoring and intervention, and interesting and effective lessons and classroom activities.” The social studies section has created three (3) regional integrating technology training sessions called Social Studies Technology Mini Camps. These "mini camps" train teachers to use Web 2.0 tools and provide instruction and modeling on how to incorporate meaningfully into classroom instruction and learning. These trainings in technology instruction will not be a one-time effort, but will be an on-going and sustainable venture, with participants sharing their work products and developed expertise. Thus, participants will have access to resources that can return with them to their LEAs to train fellow educators. Our mini camp participants are learning how to use 21st century skills and technologies and how to select the right tool for the instruction.


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Check out our presentation at the North Carolina Social Studies Conference -February 13, 2009

You can view the DPI Technology Project
Mini Camp presentation delivered at the
North Carolina Social Studies Conference
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Video Made using Movie Maker Technology and photos from our Mini Camp Project.

Robert Kuhn (2000), an expert in brain research, indicates that few people really understand the complex nature of how technology is transforming thinking. “The change in mental process is nothing less than a shift in worldview. Technology is radically transforming our thinking in at least three new ways:
(1) information is freely available, and therefore interdisciplinary ideas and cross-cultural communication are widely accessible;
(2) time is compressed, and therefore reflection is condensed and decision-making is compacted;

(3) individuals are empowered, and therefore private choice and reach are strengthened and one person can have the presence of an institution.

Source: Deubel, P. 02-04-09. Technology integration: Essential questions. Retrieved February 19, 2009, from Computing Technology for Math Excellence Web site:
Watch our movie with the following questions in mind.
Questions: How is technology affecting the learning process?
How can technology be used in the learning process?

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