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Welcome to our Mini Camp Wiki!
Changing the Way Teachers Teach: Integrating Technology Into the K-12 Social Studies Classroom

We are going to use this wiki for the training and support of those participating in the Social Studies K-12 mini camps focusing on integrating
technology into the social studies classroom. We will use this wiki to collect work samples, ideas and support resources pertaining to wikis and
blogs as well as podcasts, movie maker and "teacher tube" videos. We will use this wiki throughout the remaining cohort of Integrating Technology.

What is a Wiki?

A wiki is a page or collection of Web pages designed to enable anyone who has permission to access it to contribute or modify its content. Wikis are collaborative websites. A wiki is a website where users can add, remove, and edit every page they have been given access to using a web browser.

Wikis are a type of social software that make it easy to communicate online. Because the wiki is as simple to edit as it is to read it is perfect online collaboration tool.

What Does Wiki Mean and Stand For?

"Wili" (/wiːkiː/ )is a Hawaiian word for "fast".
"Wiki" is a backronym for "What I Know Is".

Are Wikipedia and Wiki the Same Thing?

"Wikipedia" is a wiki. It is one of the most popular wikis. Wikipedia is a group-written encyclopedia that anyone can contribute to from anywhere in the world.

Why Use Wikis?

A wiki lets you and your teammates collaborate online. It's easy, efficient, and intuitive to use. Every user gets a voice and everyone's contribution is seen, heard, and can be commented upon. In this way wikis improve and democratize communication -- no one misses the 'memo' and anyone can send it. Wikis get information to the right people -- important information (documentation, processes, ideas, communication, etc.) is available to the people who need it, not locked and buried in one person's in-box.

  • Wikis make it easy to keep all your information current and accurate.
  • Information stored in wikis is dynamic. With wikis, anyone can edit a page so content is current.
  • Wikis keep your information safe. It's virtually impossible to lose information. You can view changes made by different users or rollback to previous versions.
  • Even as members of your team turn over and new employees are hired, the wiki can be an unbroken repository of knowledge that evolves with your growing organization.

Picture3.gifUsing wikis just makes sense.

How to Sign Up for a Wikispace

  1. Go to
  2. Type in a username (no spaces)
  3. Type in a password
  4. Type in your email address
  5. Give a space name (optional)
  6. Click "Join"

Pages to Check Out!

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