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RSS Tutorial Explanation Videos

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How did I embed the RSS Feeds seen below?

1. I went to google and typed in "New York Times RSS Feeds"

2. When the site came up I read through the Feeds and clicked onto the ORANGE button from which I wanted to get news updates.

3. After the clicking the RSS Feed I wanted i highlighted the URL in the address bar.

4. I then clicked back to my wiki space and pasted the URL into the embed code box on my widget page.

RSS Feeds from the NEW YORK TIMES

NYT > Education

new.gifGet RSS Feeds for Training and Demos from Microsoft Office Online

Not sure what RSS is? Also known as "Really Simple Syndication," it's an easy way for the people who create Web sites to send information to you. An RSS Feed is just an Internet address that tells your computer where to find new information from a particular site. (This statement was taken from the Microsoft Office Online website immediately below.)