Welcome to spacewithapurpose - Coastal Cohort

Connect to Google Tools

Your group's Google Spreadsheet
  1. Please continue to add to this spreadsheet until everyone has added their information and it is complete.
  2. Once you click the link below the Google page will pop up.
  3. Once you are on the Google page please type in your address information and password.
  4. Once you've done this the spreadsheet will come up and you can work in your Google Spreadsheet just as you normally do.
  5. Click the link below to connect to the Google Docs Spreadsheet listing all participants' names, and Web 2.0 tools contact information.

Coastal Google Group

  1. This will be your group's place to easily upload all assignments without having to go through the DPI moodle.
  2. Your gmail address has been used to send you an invitation to join this google group. You must accept the invitation.
  3. If you have accepted the invitation and have a gmail address or google account you can click on the link below to take you to your group.

Mini Camp Blog

Evaluate your experiences as a participant in the second cohort of mini camps of Integrating Technology into the Social Studies Classroom.